Our range of acoustically absorbing panels has been developed to absorb and reduce any disturbing sounds in a room. This leads to greater acoustic comfort, even in highly frequented rooms with a lot of background noise.


Helmholtz resonance is one of the most efficient ways to correct the acoustics of the human voice. Our panels are usually installed perpendicular to the speech direction, which provides another benefit.

The core of our panels is standardly made up of black acoustic MDF. This gives an elegant and timeless look to our collection and has a higher quality than brown MDF or chipboard. All products are scratch and shock-proof. The top layer is easy to clean (with a moist cloth and household detergent).

Our products can be made to measure. We deliver customised cupboard and sliding doors, provided with hinge holes according to your plan so you can smoothly install them on site. Separate acoustic reports are available for cupboard doors.

The products are finished in a variety of styles according to your taste. The top layer can be ordered in Print HPL, real wood veneer, varnish, digital prints on white HPL or with woven vinyl.


Type M

Type I

Type DB


To reduce the resonance and bad acoustics within your project, a sufficient number of square metres of acoustically absorbing material must be installed in relation to the volume of the room.

Below you can have a look at several elaborated cases as a guideline. The sound environment has been corrected by means of our acoustically absorbing Helmholtz panels (applied to walls or furniture).



Acoustic comfort is very important for landscape office users. For this
reconversion project, the customer opted for Print Acoustics TYPE M,
a high-performance absorbing panel applied to walls and cupboards.

Volume  67,2 m³

Number of m²  TYPE M

22,4 m² 

RT60 reverberation before installation

1,62 seconds

Desired reverberation time

0,5-0,8 sec.

RT60 reverberation after installation

0,55 sec.



In case of a 4-course menu or a reception party, customers always want an optimal acoustic conversation environment. In this restaurant, the very unpleasant acoustics of this stylish room have been addressed with Print Acoustics TYPE I.


Volume 174,1 m³
Number of m² TYPE I 30 m² 
RT60 reverberation before installation 2,23 seconds

Desired reverberation time

0,5-0,7 sec.
RT60 reverberation after installation 0,74 sec.



This sober yet classy reception hall was optimised acoustically by means of Print Acoustics TYPE Db (applied to walls and furniture).


Volume 165,75 m³
Number of m² TYPE Db 26,7 m² 
RT60 reverberation before installation 2,49 seconds

Desired reverberation time

0,6-1 sec.
RT60 reverberation after installation 0,87 sec.