Mainly our projects are special carpentry furniture for
public spaces and acoustic-related interior designs.


Architect connections

We can help our customers by recommending architects and planners that are applicable in their projects.

Installation service

We install the products by ourselves, using skilled and experiences professionals.

Transport service

We have own trucks for transporting.


Idea-Puu Oy is a Finnish carpentry factory specializing in mechanical woodwork / carpentry and wood processing.

Idea-Puu has gained a reputation as a trustworthy, competent project interior decorator, completing decorations of many restaurants, hotels, offices and other public interiors throughout Finland, particularly in the Helsinki metropolis area.


Today the operations are focused in total / turnkey interior projects. Mainly our projects are special carpentry furniture for public spaces and acoustic-related interior designs.

The family-owned company was established in 1982 by Mr. Aimo Schroderus, who still owns the company and works actively as managing director with his daugter Virve.


In fall 1981 I resigned (from the job I had at the time). For a long time I had been touring around,  making modular building houses in Finland, as well as in Germany, Saudi-Arabia, Nigeria and Irak. 

Return trip from Irak got pretty exciting features, when the country got into war with Iran and therefore we couldn’t leave the country at first. When I finally made it back home, the next challenge was already around the corner: new building project was waiting for me in Siberia. 

At that moment I felt, that it was time to fulfill a promise I had made to myself as a child.

I’ve been interested in woodwork from an early age. At the age of ten I saved money and bought my first woodworking machines, and my father – an accomplished carpenter – taught me how to use them. I made small wood products, such as tinsmith’s gavels, ironing boards and beach chairs. As I was selling them to the locals of our town, it felt great to earn money by something I had made entirely myself. It was then that I decided, that one day I will become an entrepreneur.

In 1982, together with my cousin, we started our own carpentry workshop in an old elementary school, located in Perniö. This was the beginning of my entrepreneurship, and also the beginning of Idea-Puu. At first our production consisted of traditional small joinery products, such as wooden stairs, interior of sailboats and kelo tree furniture. Ecological values have determined our production since the beginning: we’ve always wanted our production process, as well as our products, to be environmentally friendly and free of emissions. 

Soon after starting our business, my cousin stepped back and headed for new challenges. I stayed with the company. Gradually order quantities started to increase, and I hired more staff. Only few years after starting the business, our little elementary school was already too small for our production. We found ourselves a new space in Ojakkala, Vihti, and moved in. But not for long: soon also the new space grew too small for our needs, and we moved to our current property in Nummela.

In early 1990’s our company faced a significant turning point, as we were assigned to create the interior work for the Helsinki Opera House. My long experience in planning, and leading building projects really came into play. I tried to comprehend the customer’s vision, and at the same time perceive what we could offer them, that would be as much help and advantage to them as possible. An old saying came to my mind: ”the less moving parts, the easier life is”. I asked some reliable partners as subcontractors, and produced a competitive and easily purchasable package, that we took overall responsibility for.

Right after the Opera House contract we were asked to do interior design for the President’s official residence, Mäntyniemi. We did the interior work for residence’s representation and private sides. This was when we established our position with constructing mainly large and more demanding projects. We have had the priviledge to create several public spaces all over Finland. You can see our handprint for example in Helsinki Central Library Oodi, Shopping Centre Kamppi, Vantaa City Hall, Hotel Kämp, and the wooden-structured Laajasalo Church. From the latter, the architect was granted the ”Wooden interior of the year” -award.

Successful work speaks for us, and we have gained a reputation as a reliable and competent project interior. 

Today we create special furniture and acoustics-related interior design mainly for public spaces. In the future we see ourselves as internationally remarkable partner of acoustics- and sound designer’s, helping in acoustic optimization of spaces.

Aimo Schroderus
Founder, CEO

How all began


Year 1982

Idea-Puu Oy started in 1982 in the small town of Perniö in an old school building. In the beginning production consisted of yacht interiors, staircase constructions and other traditional carpentry products.


Year 1984

In 1984 Idea-Puu moved its facilities to Vihti. At this point the company was mainly producing kitchen furnitures, stairs and doors. The range of products expanded gradually to those needed in the decorating and building of public spaces thus making the production facilities cramped and impractical.


Year 1987

So finally in 1987, new production facilities were completed in Veikkoinkorpi, in Nummela. That is where the company still operates, today Idea-Puu has production and warehousing facilities all together 3800 m² located in four halls as business has grown rapidly over the years.